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Aeries Online Enrollment allows you to quickly start the process of enrolling a student for school. Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected. Upon completion, the student's information is electronically sent to the school.

Parent/Guardian is responsible for bringing into the school office the following documents:

1. Birth Certificate (original)

2. Immunizations Record

3. Proof of Residency (major utility bill ie. PG&E or water bill).


Please contact via email with any questions.

Wright Charter School evillicana@wrightesd.org

JX Wilson School  cquiroz@wrightesd.org

RLS  School  eroman@wrightesd.org


To get started enrolling a new student click the 'Enroll A New Student' button.

Your child is not enrolled until all required documents (including birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of address) have been received by the school office.